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Related post: Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:02:11 -0800 From: Gary Pinto Subject: Part 4: Randy Shelly"RANDY SHELLY" By Max the Cat (MMMMMM/bb-M/b-MM/bb) Comments and Suggestions to gmony6gmail.comPart 4: The making of two boy sluts! Bobby started spending more time a Randy's, his uncle had gone through his inheritance and now the pretten sexy modells nephew was considered more that a burden. Randy told Sal of Bobby's plight and Sal told his contacts. "Randy if we can't get any of his money back we'll make it hell for the uncle, we'll also try to 14yo. teen models take custody of him for B.T.W, sure wish we had you also, but we'll take what we can get you've been are a dream come true Randy." Randy told Sal he'd give him a call, he'd also talk to Bobby about the Pleasure boy gig, and Bobby might need a place to take up residence. Randy and Bobby took a walk down Arlo Street hoping to find someone to let them in the back andrea modeling door of the Gay Movie Arcade. There wasn't anyone going in so Randy told Bobby "we'll go and knock on the backdoor, maybe they'll let us in, there would be more cock than we could handle, but we can tucson nude models try." Bobby said "ok, sounds like a plan, I'm getting horny anyway. The two twelve year olds went around back and Randy rapped on the door, it opened almost at tiny model nn once "the man opening it looked them up and down; he recognized Randy from his last time and quickly let the two in. He put Randy in one cubicle and guided Bobby into another and locked the door behind them. "I've never fucked an Asian; today must be my lucky day!" As he was talking, Bobby stripped before his eyes. Bobby holding his penis, he yanked on it for effect. The man, around fucking vip models thirty five quickly took off his pants and Bobby took hold of the premodelsites man's red capped cock and looked it up and down. Then he licked the head and sucked the head into his mouth. The man ran his fingers through the straight black hair and rocked in to Bobby's sucking mouth which caused saliva to overflow and run down Bobby's chin and bare chest. Bobby's very dark eyes looked up over the cock in his mouth. Randy found himself alone and stuck a finger through the hole in the wall, before he could pull the finger back he felt a hard poke and a purple capped cock followed the finger through the hole. Randy's thin fingered hand took model girls index hold and Randy's tongue licked the head allover, sucked it into his wet mouth and into his tight throat. The petite nudes model door opened and a black man tip toed up behind Randy and squeezed his ass cheeks, a big black finger eased into Randy and was pushed back the second knuckle, it wiggled inside. 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His red tongue was the first to come in contact and licked off the waiting creamy bead, then his red lips wrapped around the throbbing white stalk. He opened wide and felt the hardness hit the back of his waiting throat; it slid into the tight dark depths, his slippery saliva coated the way! The idea of being inside of a forbidden place sent shivers up Randy's backside, supplying hot man/boy sex sent more shivers up his backside. Right now he had a hard black cock in his warm wet body and a second hot cock down his throat, glossy wet saliva flowed down his chin beauty model teen and chest. Randy's tongue scraped the sensitive underside of the child model hq white cock. He clamped down on the hard black cock in an attempt to milk creamy cum from the black one. Bobby was now turned around, his mouth was close to another "GloryHole" and hot cock was sent through, his mouth clamped on the hot penis and the man he had started with was deep in his body, pounding hard and deep. 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It was each boy incest models photos ended fucking six cocks and sucking off nine each. Randy and Bobby finally called it quits, they were sore and tired, but as they trudges away they each had a pile of cash, it was a very profitable afternoon! The two boys showered together elliptical model and were drying ls masha model off when Randy's cell phone started to pay some music. He was learning how to operate it; Sal had slipped it into his pocket. "Just incase I want modelo mini bikini to get a hold of you or Bobby." "Hello" model agency babies he said "Randy is this you?" "Yes it is Sal, Bobby and I just got out of the shower, we made the adult book store happy today." He and Bobby started to giggle. "How about I pick you and Bobby up tomorrow, we need to talk, especially to Bobby?" hairless teen models Randy handed the cell to Bobby he and Sal talked for a bit, Bobby free youngest model was giggling more now when he handed it back to Randy. "I'm going to move into the big house Randy, they got custody of me from my uncle, models young facial he was arrested and is being charged with embezzling my inheritance, he violated the Cogan or Cooper law, I not sure which, but he is being held without anorexic model teen bond, it's a flight risk to go back to China. I'm going to be a B.T.W. Pleasure boy." Randy felt a little sad, that meant that Bobby would go to a vacation facility and he would models angels sex be with out his best friend. The next day they were waiting in front of the park entrance when Sal pulled up. This time young premodel girl bikini models Bobby got in next to Sal, randy took the window. Bobby had his pants open and Sal reached in and cupped his privates, Bobby almost swooned with pleasure, the thumb rolled over his penis head, the excitement was making his precum make the man's thumb very wet and slippery! Randy looked over and felt teen shemale models the green modeling teens pictures of jealousy child pornstars models creep over his mind! He looked forward. He got greener when sexy man model Sal told Bobby that RC had arrived and he was to make his first dog and his boy DVD. "RC is short for Rooster Cogburn; he was a show dog who got his championship form the 9 to 12 puppy class. The lady who owned him sold him to B.T.W. she had found him and her eleven year old son tied together. The dog kept trying to mount young boys every time he came across one. Her son kept letting him fuck him and is now a Pleasure boy on Argos, she turned the both of them over to B.T.W., showing dogs teen model clips is her life. Bobby child model daisy loved the story "I hope he amateur model 06 likes Chinese?" He said to Sal. Even Randy thought it was funny. They pulled in to the big house and he escorted the two boys inside. preetens models pics Bobby was given his own room, number nine. He and Randy went in to Bobby's new room and stopped dead little stars models in their tracks. There was a giant four post bed, a fireplace with a big Brown Bear rug in front. A 40 inch LCD television on the wall, and models child erotic a desk with a 4gig laptop on the center of the wall. To the left was his own bathroom with a tub and shower. "Wow Randy, I only had a cot and one blanket at my uncles. Even Randy was at a loss for words, this was out of this bikini model thumbnail world. Each thing had a purpose. minigirls models Sal explained models y.o that the Patron's liked to fuck a boy in front of a fire on a bear skin rug, they loved the B.T.W. movies while the lay in bed with their boy of choice and the boy's did school from giant model ships nine to one each day, oh yes many men love sex in the shower! The two boys's listened intently and followed to the back yard. There stood RC.! Bobby quickly approached the big Rottweiler "he's beautiful Sal, I guess its he and I right?" Sal smiled "you bet kid, we film at eleven so be ready, he's really hung, look below." Bobby reached and grasped the sheath "gee it's so hot and I can feel it throb in my hand!" The Asian boy was actually erect again! Sal nudged the B.T.W. movie director "what did I tell you RC will have a good old time inside of Bobby, I think Bobby will have s good time skewered by RC. Randy left Bobby at his new digs and walked home, he needed to think. He said he would be ready to come and watch Bobby the next day. He came to the park's far end and made forum vladmodels his russian preeten models way through the park, the day was nice and the park was almost empty, only a man taking pictures. Randy caught the man snapping pictures of him and walked straight to the man. "Hi I'm Randy, saw you taking my picture, why?" The man, around forty was taken aback. "I thought you were a nice subject and took your picture." Randy grinned "it's ok, I just flexible nude models wanted to know why, that's all." The man David Hornsby told him he usually took nudes as subjects, but today he was getting some still life shots, but Randy had come into the view finder and he just had to have the boy's picture. "You do nudes, of girls?" Randy pressed on. "No Randy, I use men and boys as my subjects, I am into boys especially, and boys like you are my likes!" Randy came closer `I would love to tori child model be your model, do bbwadult model searches you think I am qualified?" and ran his hand up David's crotch, grabbed nude teen rmodels hold and felt the man's nude model marleen penis fill quickly with blood. David cleared his throat "I would love to make you my subject, how about we venture into the woods, we can be very alone." Randy's girl model sample libido was rising along with David's and they quickly entered the woods. They found a clearing along a babbling brook where the light was legale pedo models just right. Randy was naked quickly. When David turned and saw the naked Randy he found his cock pointing out the front of his trousers. David gulped uncensored teen models and Randy struck a pose and David started taking pictures. After some dozen or so pictures Randy was kneeling in front of David. He unzipped the man's pants and reached in and brought out the hot throbbing cock, he licked the precum from the purple head his mouth engulfed the man's hard cock. All David could say as preeteen youngmodels legal he snapped some more pictures of the boy sucking his cock was "thank god!" David had a difficult time concentrating and pretty lollita modelling put the camera down and lay Randy on his back in a bed of pine needles, took off his own clothing and kneeled in between Randy's wide legs. Grasping his precum covered cock head at Randy's waiting portal he lunged forward and entered the willing boy. He drove down hard and felt his swinging balls slap Randy's bubble butt cheeks "thank you again lord" and began his hard movements into the boys muscle clamping insides. David felt Randy's legs lock around his middle; the boy pushed forward and met each of David in thrusts. Randy locked his hands around David's neck and held the man to him, the two rutted and thrust at each other for twenty minutes. The rubbing of his spot, the rubbing of David's tummy on his sensitive cock aurika asian model began blueprint models to move Randy to a climax before prteen models xxx David's. "Oooohhhh David you're bringing me off, I'm cuming, oh David here I go. Randy came first his sperm hit David's belly and nimphets modele the two bodies ebina models softcore moved and smeared the hot boi-honey on both of their bodies It was David's turn, his cock swelled, he gritted his teeth, he wanted to feeling to last for ever and ever, but all good things must come to teen models child an end. The end was a hot blast of his sperm into Randy's milking recesses. David splattered his offering into Randy who clamped down hard to keep the spewing penis in boat model restoration as long as he could. "Fuck me, please fuck me forever!" David collapsed on top of Randy, his breath coming in short gasps, his body sweating and making each other slick. David rolled on his back. Randy, the cum dripping out of his well reamed fisher model 657 hole clamped on to the cock and sucked it of all it's yummy liquid still inside of the fleshy squirting tube! "No more Randy, please no more I'm too sensitive; I can't stand it any more." Randy's mouth let the cock slide out and licked his lips "I love the taste of sperm!" David looked up "thank god you do, what a day to remember!" Randy was picked up, his aunts were still sleeping, and they had had a big night at the bingo hall and had got in late. Sal picked him up "you ready for Bobby's turn?" he asked his hand inside of Randy's shorts, jacking his cock. "Randy was loving the playing model gigi of the hand on his usenet models penis and moaned "I love it Sal, your hand makes me so fucking horny." Sal laughed to bikini model usa himself and ran his thumb young modeling sites over the boys cock head! The backyard was set up, the two cameras were ready. Bobby walked out in all his naked glory. He turned to everyone and bowed to the handler and RC. The only prop was a big pillow and Randy asked Sal "why a pillow?" "It was Bobby's idea, I'm not sure why?" The handler waited teenie young models for the director to say "ACTION" and he let RC go. The big Rottweiler had been doing young boys for two years now and was very good at what he was expected to do. RC circled the young Asian boy, who twitched his butt at selina model nonude RC, the big canine barked and made the circle smaller. Bobby got beautiful ebony models on his hands and knees and wiggled his ass and moved in a circle, again RC barked and moved his big head up and down. He got close and Bobby rolled over on his back and the bog dog came up and sniffed his hardening penis, then licked it, it throbbed. The Rottweiler moved over the boy who moved his head up ass model the pillow and grasped the furry sheath and wanked it. He kept the action up and was rewarded by the protruding of over four red inches. Bobby's head moved up and his lips sucked in the four red inches. He began to give RC a very exciting blow job! The canine rose his head high and howled, his hips hunched forward and Bobby's modelos cogiendo mouth received a interculturality leadership model hot nine inches, he gagged! The boy surprised the camera crew when a batch of saliva flowed out of his red mouth and covered his chin, then made rivers gap child model of glossy liquid run down his chest, some pooling in his belly button. Bobby could be heard making sucking and slurping sounds for effect. The director looked at Sal and grinned, he looked over to the side and Randy had straddled a Patron who was watching the filming and was riding the man's acme teen model cock while the both watched the show and fucked slow and deliberately. Bobby let RC's cock slowly slip out of his mouth, his butt cheeks had already been sprayed with "bitch in heat" and Bobby positioned himself on his hands, then tries to get away from RC. The big canine would have none of that and mounted the boy, his front paws locked around his middle and his hunched begin their knifing forward trying to belladonna model fill the waiting hole. The first stab hit Bobby's cheek, but the second stab hit home, the nine inches were quickly driven into Bobby, he stood still, his big black eyes had widened. When RC stabbed him a second time and his knot locked then in fucking mode, Bobby's black eyes were even wider. "Hell Randy he's so big, I don't think I can take it all. Randy bouncing on the fleshy spike yelled back "he locked you in, your stuck for the fuck, enjoy it!" Randy returned to the cock inside of him, and ground down, his inner muscles clamped, the Patron held Randy by the hips , drove his cock deep into the hot boy! Bobby moved with RC's strokes, he could feel the heat, child model naturist much hotter that a Patron's, the red cock was finding his spot, he shot electricity into Bobby's hard children model pics cock, this felt so good, even the extra stretching, the extra heat he was receiving. RC kept boy models forum drooling, his saliva rolled down the inside of Bobby's back and over his crack, it made more lubricant and greased the red fleshy piston RC's lubricant fluid kept flowing into Bobby, the toplist stylish models girth of RC's cock packed into him tight, the black nonnude models felling was to Bobby beyond compare, and the Asian preteen would not have traded this fucking for anything else in the world. His own cock stuck straight out under his tummy. It tingled in the flared helmet; the rod throbbed with each stroke from RC's fucking of him. Sal nudged the director "Sam look I think the kid is going to cum, the head looks so hard." The director pointed one of his cameras at the boy's penis and it was just in time, the slit opened and his sperm shot out, it hit his left brown nipple, once, twice and again a third time. The cum hung down in a long gooey string, and made a pool nn models child on the green grass. Bobby moaned "fuck, fuck, fuck me RC I love your big cock, fuck me some more, please!" RC started to growl, he gave a loud bark. Bobby felt the machine like blast inside of him. "Fuck me, he's cuming, it keeps shooting in me, it feel so good, god I love his hot cum and his even hotter cock, I wish this would last in me forever." His head rested on the ground, the canine kept pounding in him, kept shooting super thin model hot cum in him." The director looked over at Sal and smiled "great, really great, look at the doggie cum coat the back of his legs." Then he looked at Randy and the video models naked Patron. Randy rode the Patron's cock; he faced the man and had his mouth sucking on a rubbery nipple. He was using his thumnails youngest models inner muscles to milk the cum out jojo model of the man. Randy let the nipple go "fuck me, damn I love your cock, it's swelling I think your going to cum, I know I am here it cums. Randy's penis fried his sperm on to the man's belly, this was a great fuck. The director yelled `CUT" and his crew had to restrain RC, he was trying little model pussy to drag the young Asia around the backyard. After twenty minutes the eventual `PLOP" was heard, Bobby fell onto the grass, he was exhausted, yet he was smiling, it had been wonderful, he looked up at Sal. Smiling he asked the man "when do I get another?" After his shower Bobby slept. Randy dressed and got something to eat then got a ride home. There was a fire engine and two police cars. In the back of one was the semi-nude form of Aunt June. She had been wandering the street incoherent. In the bed was the deceased form of Aunt Jane. She had died in her sleep. Sal inquired elyse sanders model what had happened, the police office wanted to know who he was "I'm the boys uncle; I was bringing him home after male modell naked a day at my place." Randy was crying and asked to go back with Sal, the cop was glad to get one problem off his hands. Randy said to the cop that Aunt June suffered from dementia, they took it from there. Sal got the boy to his place and made a few calls. Brussels contacted Judge Hermione Grasskey, she was on their payroll. She signed a few papers and Sal became the legal guardian Of Randy. Randy was given room eight and set up as the newest perfect model gallery Pleasure boy. For a couple of days he laid in his room, everyone left him alone, except Bobby who sat in an overstuffed chair and kept quiet, if Randy wanted something Bobby got it.Part 4: Trained to Please!Thanks to Cutterman! Thanks to all the Artists Jellofunk, Heredia and Hass!Look For Part 6 of The Red Baseball Cap. Part 3 of "Stray Boys!"
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